Final Methodology | Synthesized 3D Audio – Stage 1 (Development in progress)

DAW: Reaper Encoding The thought behind the encoding system was to simulate the object-based audio by synthesizing a 2nd order ambisonics signal, which is not depending on a certain speaker’s array, using a virtual microphone and a binaural panner which will allow the signal to be positioned with high accuracy in the three-dimensional space. To […]

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Survey Results! | Part 2

Second Implementation Survey Results Compared to the previous feedback, the results were increasingly positive. The predominant age range was 18 to 24-year-old. Compared to the first survey, the predominant device used was the mobile phone followed by laptop and desktop computer. The tablet was still not used by any of the responders. Regarding the operating […]

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Survey Results! | Part 1

First implementation results! Based on age, 64.6% of responders were between 25-44 years old,36.4% between 45-74 and 9.1% between 12-17. This data brings awareness towards which generations are more interested in this technology. In this case the young adults and middle-aged generations are the most interested in this type of technology. In terms of devices […]

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What and why?

What is 3D Audio and where we are today? 3D audio is more authentic to our ears than 2D stereo. 3D audio gives the listener a sense of space and creates more awareness for the sounds around by being able to identify the sound source in the space. It all started back in 1881 when French […]

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